Contact [at] to discuss commissioning a reinterpretation of one of Cousins' scores. Below are photos from several of our past favorites:


The Soulville Census for Weeksville Heritage Center. 2012.

This is one of a series of scores created to document black American life in the Obama era. In this reinterpretation of it, Cousins worked with youth from Weeksville to conduct an alternate version of the census that gathers historically relevant information the US 2010 Census missed.

“We loved this project so much.  At one point, there were all these unassumingly cute children walking up to adults with serious Census questions like ‘Did you think Jesse Jackson would win when he ran for president in 1984?’ and ‘Do you think Michelle Obama would win if she ran for president now?’ It caught us by surprise because the kids got really into it and they would put you in check if they didn’t agree with your answers!”

– Rylee Eterginoso
Public Programs Curator
Weeksville Heritage Center

How to Listen to Lil Wayne for Clifford Owens: Anthology at MoMA PS1. 2011-2012.

“With Anthology, Owens broadened his determination to write a substantial history of performance art by African-American artists, and to double it. Well-known figures such as Benjamin Patterson, Lorraine O’Grady, Terry Adkins, David Hammons, William Pope.L, Sanford Biggers and Coco Fusco are all accounted for. With Anthology, we can now add Glenn Ligon, Kara Walker, Jennie C. Jones, Aisha Cousins and Maren Hassinger to this history, at least for their contribution to Owen’s Anthology, with more to come.”

RoseLee Goldberg, Peforma Magazine


Top 10 Reasons the Democrats Lost the Election (Steve Harvey Style) for Steffani Jemision and Jamal Cyrus: Alpha’s Bet is Not Over Yet at The New Museum. 2011.


Diva Dutch for Derrick Adams: Go Stand Next to The Mountain at The Kitchen. 2010.


Diva Dutch for Tennessee State University's homecoming exhibition at Hiram Van Gordon Gallery. 2009.

“This was pretty much my dream version of Diva Dutch: a trumpeter, a master of ceremonies, and 2 “Farnsworth Bently-ettes.” All set against the backdrop of a gorgeous sunset on the campus of one of the nation’s largest HBCU’s during Homecoming. It started as an invitation from the gallery director, then expanded into a collaboration with members of the Art Department as well as non-arts students.”

-Aisha Cousins